Pressing the shutter is only the start of the journey.

I am a photographer based in Vancouver Island on the West Coast of Canada and in this wild and rugged coastline of Canada's Pacific coastline I find the inspiration for my work.

I have always been drawn to the sea, perhaps because it is never static, ever changing ever challenging and sometimes unforgiving. From the violent winter storms that cast giant cedar driftwood on the shore to the serene and placid lapping of waves on a shell beach, every day is a new scene and a new experience.

There are two principle elements to my work;

Event photography is dedicated to the people that compete and play in the ocean swells and complex currents that weave between the islets and inlets. In search of that unique shot I often find myself surfing the wild winter waves in Tofino, leaning out over the edge of a boat or hanging half way up a mountain with a rope in one hand and a camera in the other.

Fine art photography is where I feature the beauty and the harshness of the landscape that I'm privileged to live in. I don't want to just capture a record of a location but to infuse the essence and the emotions that the landscape presents.

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Bluegiraffe Photography.